McLaren MP4 / 6 Ayrton Senna as a kit

McLaren MP4 6 Ayrton Senna as a kitAnd that’s not just a small kit for children, but a lifelike kit comprising the components of a Formula 1 car! And this “kit” is even more special because it consists of parts of the car in which Ayrton Senna in 1991, the last world champion. And you can buy!
What we see here is obviously not a real kit, but a work of art that was created by Jay Burridge.  In 1992 (when Jay was in college) he was invited by Ron Dennis come to the McLaren factory and when he saw an F1 car as a kit was taken apart, he came up with the idea of this artwork.

The idea was presented to Ron Dennis, and he thought it a good idea. And that is very special, because everything keeps McLaren on her car preferably in the home. After one season, cars are taken apart and stored or destroyed.  Nothing is sold to the outside world (such as Ferrari does).

When this painting was finished it was a time when the advertising agency of Marlboro in London before it disappeared into the store. When Senna died tragically in 1994, received a call from Jay Burridge McLaren asking for the artwork in any case the next two years not to sell. After all, nobody is waiting for lijkenpikkerij.

The artwork appeared only then again in 2004 during the “Remembering Ayrton Senna” exhibition at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Goodwood McLaren for the lot also had a moment completely cleaned and refurbished.
And now you can buy this piece of history is because auctioneers Coys offers it for sale.  The expected yield for this life-size puzzle McLaren? Somewhere between € 35,000 and € 45,000, which I still on the low side. It is a unique opportunity for “one piece” McLaren to buy (that no one else can) and then also the car in which Senna won his last world championship.McLaren MP4 6 Ayrton Senna as a kit

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