McLaren runs: the first two showrooms in Germany

McLaren ShowroomsRight on time for the German Grand Prix. McLaren has just opened its first two outlets in Germany, just before the meeting at the Nurburgring F1 this weekend. Logical ambitions of the British, with the extension of its network internationally.

Hamburg and Düsseldorf are the first two German cities to host only showroom dedicated to McLaren MP4-12C. Frankfurt and Munich will be followed in the fall, bringing to 35 the number of distributors McLaren, in 19 countries. For his resurrection and his return to the stage of super-sports ambitions are serious.

Emphasis was placed on the sporting heritage of the brand, each depicting a space McLaren of its history in competition, including the exposure of the MP4 / 5 Alain Prost in Düsseldorf and MP4 / 6 of Ayrton Senna, respectively the world champions in 1989 and 1991. For France, the presence of McLaren is provided by the group Neubauer (forthcoming opening of a space dedicated to Paris in the 17th).

But the product … The question is whether the optimizations made to the MP4-12C after the first critical bleak bear fruit.

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