Mercedes: 3D and touch recognition for future infotainment systems

Mercedes 3d InfotainmentMercedes treats his Infotainment systems lately. Faced with Audi and BMW in particular, a pioneer in the field, remains at the Star level. Next Step: 3D display screens and gesture recognition.

Interface Comand Online may soon receive new optimizations, like the latest evolution (not yet implemented) the Audi MMI. For now, only the concept announcing the future Class A is entitled. Series, however, his arrival should start at the top with the future S-Class and CL.

The most spectacular innovation will gesture at recognition on different input areas, coupled with voice recognition, supposed to make navigation more intuitive and safer, the aim being to minimize the tasks at hand a purpose other than driving.

Mercedes announces even a “voice navigation” Further, the various menus of the interface, also allowing to dictate e-mails and SMS. Dialogue is committed …

For now, the schedule provides no implementation date. The next steps to come, more modest, appear in the fall of interfaces, including Facebook, Twitter and Google Streetview integrated Comand Online.

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