Mercedes A-Class Concept: playful, frivolous and chrome

Mercedes A-Class Concept

Would the mirrors to get into production?
Mercedes this year 3 (drie!) floors of goodies in Frankfurt, and one of those nice things, this mischievous A-class concept. While the current model is particularly suitable for elderly people transport, the new A-class lower, sportier, and be hipper.

In New York City experienced its world debut this concept, and he now adorns a European exhibition.

The best part of A-Class concept, I find the numerous recesses and balls he has. This is the best forward in the wheels. It is a fairly simple decoration, but it looks just great (it makes me think of what the balls from the movie Aeon Flux). The grille and back are full of balls.
The rear lights run into each other, which simultaneously free retro but also different to do.

The A-class was a sort of disco-mode, allowing you to any photo or see a different color, but you should just ignore it.

Mercedes A-Class Concept

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