Mercedes B-Class with 600 km range extender does

Mercedes B-Class E-CELL PLUS

The B-Class E-CELL PLUS is here. It is perhaps a car in concept form, but in 2014 will this electric Mercedes B-Class range extender on the market.

Mercedes sees itself naturally also that only one electric motor and battery acid as the B-Class spoon never an acceptable range will provide. This electronic project unveiled in Frankfurt is also equipped with a range extender in the form of a three-cylinder 1.0 turbo blown over 68 horsepower available. The electric motor throws in another 95 hp and a peak power of 136 hp taps.

The gasoline engine loads at low speeds using a generator, the battery and at higher speeds on the highway, for example-he takes care with the electric drive. The driving force is using a new automatic transmission to the front wheels.

Do you drive on electric only, then a distance of 100 km drive without the intervention of the Range Extender. 100 km, according to Mercedes who account for more than 80% of daily trips, also provides the range extender for a final range of 600 km.

You get over 60 km / h than the petrol engine also helps along with the drive. Top speed is 150 km / h. You get it into your head fully to one hundred km / h sprint takes so than 11 seconds to complete.

Production Ready? That’s he’s still not quite. Mercedes keeps on “almost production ready” and comes back in 2014.

Mercedes B-Class E-CELL PLUS

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