Mercedes C63 AMG pimped by Doman

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

There is yet another “designer” who had thought it was needed to liven C63 AMG coupe. Can we talk about these wheels?

What exactly has gone wrong in the head chef of the chief draftsman at Doman wheels I do not know, but it seems that the center of the wheel the wrong way is cut and the remaining tissue is used to a wheel in each cycle. What ugliness, and shoot them a little extra white, so they stand out. As if 20 inches of itself are not enough notice. Take it on fire stabbing that design. Or could it all happen automatically because the brakes are not getting enough cooling?

The other optical enhancements are happy subtle pieces, a carbon front spoiler, diffuser and a black roof.

Also, people in KW Suspension basically shopping for a lowering kit. Inside, pieces of plastic can be ordered in the color of the body. Very “subtle” all.

Oh, 525 hp instead of the maximum number of 487 AMG that will deliver and a top speed of over 300 kilometers per hour. Begrenzertje there is run off, but otherwise not very impressive all. Did I mention the Special Edition Star wheels in the color of the body before? No? Allememaggies ugly!

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

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