Mercedes CLC again surprised

Mercedes CLCAfter the test shots of mules, a new leak. Surprised at the factory, the future CLC (or BLS?), Cut-compact four-door Mercedes, gives some details: a reduction in CLS?

Judging by the arch of the roof and cutting the tail lights, it will be a clone of the cut-compact four-door that we already know. The images, apparently after the new Mercedes plant in Hungary, confirm that it is a cross between the concept and the F800 Style CLS. Basically, a compact sedan similar to the latter that would have shrunk.

In addition, the basic technique is no longer little doubt. The site of Kecskemét is devoted to the assembly of class. A and B: the CLC / BLS (the terminology has not been decided) should be based on the platform of the latter. It will therefore be the first Mercedes traction, except for MPVs A and B. In principle, it would receive mostly 4-cylinder turbocharged downsized, including the AMG version.

We are content forthe moment assumptions. The confirmations are expected to approach international events in 2012, probably Geneva. Meanwhile, the development seems well advanced and the phases of testing in full swing.Mercedes CLC

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