Mercedes ML 2012: regain control

Mercedes ML 2012Mercedes ML, the third! In the upscale SUV, its supremacy was dissolved since the entry into the breach of the other competitors Germanic. Today, it is for the ML to assert its role as initiator of the genre.

It is he who, in 1997, lays down the principles of the segment: an alternative to major road all the way, winning without losing functionality and refinement. When the second generation arrived in 2002, the result for the Mercedes SUV.
Carl Benz Arena in Stuttgart, in other words he was expected at the turn for his first official appearance. The angle of attack is clear: at a time when SUVs were purchased conduct, it was drive the point on issues of efficiency and safety. To take the issue more open to criticism from the general public, usually critic of this segment of our side of the Atlantic …

By expanding the catalog down including: after the S, the ML gives the 4-cylinder 250 CDI Blue Efficiency (204 hp, the same power as the old 3-liter V6) at entry level. According to Mercedes, the customer would be willing to overlook the nobility of a 6 cylinder. While the consumer has announced promising, with 6 l/100 km.
Let us hope that the excellent V6 350 CDI (258 hp, 8.4 l/100 km advertised) is a little echo. There are still more than 2 tons to take the weight remains unchanged (2135 kg for the current M 350 CDI). Always at the service of declining consumption, the 7G-Tronic Plus and Start & Stop are provided automatically on all engines. Aerodynamics has also been revised, lowering the Cd 0.32, the best value in the segment.

For now, one block fuel is available, namely the V6 306 hp 350 CGI. Excellent engine itself, but its distribution may be limited to the bare minimum in our region. This prompted the manufacturer to ignore altogether the twin-turbo 4.6-liter V8 for France, given its weak market potential. The M63 AMG, expected later this year, will the top of the range with the V8 5.5 l biturbo we discovered last year on the S and CL.Mercedes ML 2012

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