Mercedes SLR gets more wheels and Wheelsandmore

Mercedes SLR WheelsandmoreEarlier today we saw how Wheelsandmore the R8 GT had gefriemeld,  but that was not the only news of the tuning Toko. Incidentally, the ingenious Germans taken to graze at an SLR. Furthermore, is “he benefits?

The work of AMG these guys are not unknown,  but half a McLaren, they had not previously been on the rack. About the act of the rete expensive SLR, they were just not quite to speak (to them just to quote: “Wheelsandmore Arrives at the Conclusion That the nervous suspension setup needs a Thorough overhaul.” ), so they together with KW a new suspension made the car closer to the road and cornering turn should benefit. Furthermore, they fill the wheel arches with 20 “rims 6Sporz ² surrounded Dunlop Sport Maxx rubber covers.

Let them have the power alone? But of course not. Pfff, who takes well satisfied with 623 hp? Exactly, and so did the engineers have a new compressor to run for the 5.4 V8. Along with modified electronics, these procedures ensure that the power lead at 707 horsepower (slightly less than that of Edo ) and 915 Nm of torque. Sprint to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds should now succeed. And no, that’s still faster than a GT-R of the new generation.Mercedes SLR Wheelsandmore

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