MTM lives out on the RS3: 472 hp

Audi RS3

Nearly 200 horsepower per liter, is that good?

Bears shit in the woods ( no … )? Of course that good! Not that the RS3 with 340 horsepower standard now to complain, but if there is a tuner who little extra for the 2.5 liter TFSI will and can achieve, then we put them no obstacle in their way.

And the lords of MTM already had experience with this delicious five-cylinder engine, as it is located in the TT RS , which in the past have already addressed. Both Wouter and yours have satisfactorily even allowed to send for a ride, the fun toys.

And so now MTM throws its ability to upgrade the RS3 in which up to 472 hp and 600 Nm of disconnection. It features the well-known and quite striking MTM Clubsport livery, which in the past even including the A1 and RS6 were performed.

The condition for this extra horsepower than your car along with some 10,600 euros an hour or 15 leaves at MTM. Can it all be a little less, you can also choose to upgrade to 424 hp, saves you a financial gulp a drink? Or you can for the Abbot (470pk) or B & B version (510pk), but I think this is a muchness. And you also get the cool wrap or not.

Audi RS3

[Image: autoblog]

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