New compact exhaust is forty percent lighter

Exhaust SystemA couple of Germans have developed a compact exhaust system which is all essential components under the bonnet. The compact exhaust weighs less and takes up to forty percent to sixty percent less space than a conventional exhaust system.

Good news for the various car manufacturers, as virtually every brand looking for is weight-saving materials and techniques. A lower weight result in lower fuel consumption and lower emissions, you know. And because the engines are getting smaller, there remains plenty of room under the hood exhaust system on this place.

With this exhaust, no long cable harnesses for Lambda sensors, mounting rubbers and associated support needed. A ” disadvantage “of a short exhaust system is that the sound is less muffled. To this “problem” to overcome, there is an anti-sound approach is applied. A speaker produces the same sound as the exhaust. As the sound waves from the exhaust and speaker are equal, they cancel each other out. Producer Ebersp√§cher calls this system “active silence.”

The new exhaust system will be presented at the upcoming IAA in Frankfurt.Exhaust System

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