New Ford Focus RS gets 380 hp and FWD

Ford Focus RSThe truth is out at Ford! There is a new Focus RS and that will, like his two predecessors once again have only been driving the front wheels. Furthermore, we need not rely on electric motors or other hybrid junk.  Ford has thought about it there, but eventually it did not happen.

The version of the Focus RS will end 2013/begin 2014 on the market and under the hood, we not that wonderful five-cylinder Volvo, but a four-cylinder. Naturally equipped with a turbo (or two?) And that should ensure a capacity of about 380 hp. Ford and assumes that thanks to their “RevoKnuckle ‘suspension will not be a problem for all that power properly on the road.

Focus RS500 had indeed even 350 hp, which gave no problems. Furthermore, Ford’s prototype driving around the 380 bhp delivered.  And tuner BBR did even 410 hp from the Focus RS to pick.

Gunnar Herrmann also reveals that Ford engineers are still working to more than picking out the 250 hp engine later in the Focus ST will be placed. It would therefore, just be that the 260 or even 270 hp gets. Since the ST will not have the “RevoKnuckle ‘suspension will not power much higher I think so. The new Focus ST will be also sometime next year on the market.Ford Focus RS

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