New Porsche 911 Type 991: the configurator now online

Porsche ConfigThe new Porsche 911 Type 991 will be officially presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in ten days, but the configuration of the model is already available on the Internet.

In most cases, manufacturers expect a few days after the official presentation of a model to launch the online configurator. For the new Porsche 911 type 991, this is not the case. The German brand has decided to anticipate the first public of the vehicle, scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show (September 13-25).

It must be said that in recent days, we know all about the next-generation  versions of the 911 Carrera and Carrera S, which, to reiterate, will have flat-6, respectively, 3.4-liter direct-injection 345 hp (10 less than the current Carrera) and the flat-six 3.8-liter direct-injection power of 395 horsepower (10 more than the current generation of the Carrera S). In short, it has everything: features, and photos.  There was therefore, no reason to wait to install the Configurator on the net.

Available on the website of Porsche,  it allows us to have a little fun to create 911 of our dreams. The Configurator provides options in fact, several types of colors and materials, various types of wheels, seats, etc… Try it as soon as possible!

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