New Stratos Ferrari opposed to mass production

New Stratos FerrariBased on an F430 and built by Pininfarina , the only New Stratos 40 interested buyers. Problem: Ferrari has just oppose a short production runs.

Unveiled last year, New Stratos was a single produced by Pininfarina at the request of the collector Michael Stoschek. A few months later, specifically in February, Pininfarina had indicated that forty potential customers were interested in buying the vehicle based on a Ferrari F430. A short production runs had been considered.

The Italian coachbuilder had explained that the project would materialize only in agreement with Ferrari. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of Maranello just oppose it. Despite the compliments received by Luca di Montezemolo about the New Stratos, Ferrari said he refused that this project is conducted by the appointed body shop or one of its suppliers. No reason was disclosed.

So, Pininfarina is found out of the game, and the opportunity for unique New Stratos s’aggrandir to see his family seems to move away. Customers who manifested themselves will indeed find another company, not related to Ferrari but can transform into an F430 New Stratos.New Stratos Ferrari

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