Next Generation (2013) MINI driving his rounds

MINI 2013

Here, one of the 57 variants of the ‘small’ best seller of the BMW group, neatly wrapped in foil.

Expected to make the next-generation MINI debut in 2013. The brand, which currently offers the basic six different variants, expected no less than 10 different versions on the next platform. This UKL1 platform must also accommodate the smaller (FWD) BMW models. AWD can support and accommodate two different wheelbases.

The French break respect it is no longer growing the existing models does not count the Germans. The new MINI is still a bit over its predecessor, and that is because there are mini MINIs to come, which we saw in the preview Rocketman concept.

In this way about all the bases occupied MINI from small (Rocketman) to large (Countryman). Rumors of a Mini-truck, we cannot  confirm.

In terms of motorization: many MINIs have just another vixerit, but obviously does BMW’s new three-cylinder also entered into MINI-country. Besides it is obvious that hybrid and electric applications of their way to find the next-generation  MINI. The MINI E has already made the necessary kilometers. The acquired knowledge should benefit the next generation.

MINI 2013

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