Nicky Hayden is trying to drive DTM

Nicky Haiden FAILMopeds are for boys. Cars are for men. David Coulthard is a man. Nicky Hayden is a boy.

Let me stress that I am on a moped bike ride would probably complete a monkey, a learning package is certainly not me. And let me also mention that I was in a DTM car probably a few tenths slower than would be David Coulthard. In my first three laps then, after the dust has that old course.

However, no fun, if I invite Mercedes DTM car ride ends meet on a track. I’d do it too. Just go with such a beastly fast car with AMG Toyboy DC as a coach is something you do not often get the chance. MotoGP rider did the same but is fortunately better motorcycling. Different spins at a pace that your grandmother would not find exciting are the result. This much we can all better, right?

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