Nissan GT-R gets more power! Expect 570 + hp

Nissan GT-R

To underline you never really “ready” may be developing a car is still working for Nissan GT-R to refine. Kreegt late 2010 the GT-R already at 44 hp and the last year, again good look at the Nissan GT-R and 2011/begin late 2012, the GT-R now at least 570 horsepower.

It breaks again after a new model year to (and has a new Porsche 911 ) and Nissan so it must do something to impress the competition. The Nissan GT-R freaks of NAGTROC forum have now surfaced at necessary information to get out on the next update.
So count on an output of 570 hp ( 530 hp instead of the current ), which is achieved in part by the exhaust and intake tract to adjust. In addition, we expect the following model year 2012:

– Visually the 2012 with Remains The Same No additional color options
– Suspension Transmission and logic have tweaked leg
– Understanding Body Has Been changed to Improve aero and cooling
РCO2 émissions have once again lowered leg
– Premium Edition and Black Egoist Will Be Offered worldwide
– Official Ring Time Attack attempt is expected mid October
– The R35 is expected to continuous life cycle for two additional model years

It Furthermore, seems designed for markets where the steering wheel on the right is a “Trail Edition” on the market. The Nissan GT-R began its life ever with 485 horsepower and is now already up to 570 + hp and who knows where that will end about 2 years. Will the GT-R ever gets 600 + hp?

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