Nissan Juke-R has become a reality

Nissan Juke-R

Goodness and love me. Nissan has just done. A cross between the GT-R and Crossover mischievous thing, the Juke.  Meet The Juke-R.

And even once the bad news: the Juke-R is a preliminary one-finger exercise Nissan to see how this project appeals to the public. Juke itself with the power of a GT-R will hold temporarily so as not (unless you have the wrench and pick one building). The appearance leaves little to the imagination with its wide wheel arches, GT-R-like size 20-inch wheels and a lowered suspension. The bumpers are significantly altered while the back not one but two spoilers got stuck.

The interior gets GT-R influences in the form of many gauge and a 7-inch screen. There will also be racing seats with five-point  harnesses and a roll cage is installed. The car will also be fully road legal created. The probability that the queen is a dusty garage is small, because next month they’ll follow the road for a number of practical tests.

How much power the 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 under the hood actually all four wheels of the Juke-R will keep firing them a secret, but the earlier rumor about 480 hp would be nice sometimes be true. Nissan also creates a new segment with this: that the ‘super crossover.

Nissan Juke-R

[Image: autoblog]

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