Nissan Murano crossover cabrio: most hated car by 2011

Nissan Murano crossover cabrioLate last year, Nissan surprised friend and foe by soccermom actually a homeless Murano come on the market.  And thus was born an instant new niche, that of the crossover SUV convertibles. However, as a little was to be expected, the convertible pumped the laughing stock of the birthday.

Nissan has just a Murano caught, cut it from the roof, the two rear doors and a linen cap weggepleurd on up. Furthermore, this strange Nissan made ​​a bit longer so you have ample room for four people in the open-air SUV. The car is also powered by a 3.5 V6 that’s good for 256 hp, and he definitely does not go to Europe.

Well, so much for the details we already knew. What was missing being how the Murano crossover convertible finds to favor with the American versions of Wouter & Smoke.

In short, what the reviewers think their chuckle about this Nissan (he came in part because CEO Carlos Ghosn so excited about was)? The leaf Fortune sought it out and came to the conclusion that this car is the least preferred since the Mercedes R-Class and even worse – the Pontiac Aztek.  Auch! He is accused among other things, that “he is too heavy, too expensive and” lumpy, Dumpy, shaky and sluggish ” is.

Female car testers in the U.S. seem a convertible-with-high-entry is totally awesome find. In their reviews, the weaker sex a lot positive about the Murano crossover convertible.

To be sure, we are only just emerged to the YouTubes the first man-woman road testing of the Murano crossover cabrio check. And it is true, penile discharge, but some find it cute little car. Knowing Audi and Range Rover will even find they Q5 crossover convertible and convertible Evoque needed to focus.Nissan Murano crossover cabrio

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