Novitec packed 888 hp in the 599 SA Aperta

Ferrari SA Aperta Supercharged

Developing a turning for a car that only 80 copies will be built and moreover already fully sold out. But hey, we’re talking about Novitec Rosso, which is often the silly hanging out.

The Germans know so 888 horsepower from the V12 of the 599 Cabrio pulling. That is indeed identical to the 888 hp 599 GTO by Novitec. For this bastard-like number to reach the tuner has a bi-compressor mounted to its cold air from a water-cooled inter cooler gets. Furthermore, the injectors and air filters changed on the setup, and engine management.

The original outlet of the SA Aperta was one-way  Maranello and in its place came a stainless steel version with black, 90 mm large tailpipes. Somewhere in this outlet is an electric operated valve fitted so you push a button to send out a kind of apocalyptic rumble motor can conjure.

Novitec claims that the 599 homeless with these modifications in 3.1 seconds to one hundred km / h can be launched.

That’s faster than a GT-R from the latest crop. 9.1 seconds after you pass the 200 km / h and you will do about 21.9 seconds to 300 km / h limit break. Ultimately, a Vmax of 340 km / h are feasible.

The front and rear spoiler lips have been, there are sided skirts against the SA Aperta pasted and there is frankly sprinkled with carbon fiber. The rear lights are on Novitec copy dark tinted and the hotels are 21 inches while the rear-mounted  jesters 22-inch  counts. The already relatively low SA Aperta is further down kicked by an averaging (25 mm) but can be equipped with a front axle lift system. Eat That, applied at!

Let’s wait and see how many of those 80 SA Aperta drivers are persuaded to leave a Novitec conversion. In any case, they already have a model to graze taken to monitor THESE PHOTOS.

Ferrari SA Aperta Supercharged

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