OCT Tuning screw compressor on your Audi R8

OCT Audi R8To attention of tuners do not ask the R8, because just about every aftermarket specialist in his five years of existence once already on the sporty Audi folded. O. CT (for now) the last in the list, leave intact the appearance of the R8, but it makes for a little more stick under the hood.

By default, the R8 420 hp / 430 Nm, but using the compressor, this 565 hp / 560 Nm, and his beautiful 40 horsepower more than the R8 V10. According to SEP is good for a 0-100 time of 3.9 seconds (4.6 standard), and the 250 after only 24 seconds tapped. It seems to me some optimistic figures, but it is natural to measure.
Besides the supercharged OCT also offers a stainless steel exhaust system and the option to your ‘hood’ with a carbon-motif to wrap.OCT Audi R8

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