Official: Formula 1 goes hybrid in 2014

Formula 1From 2014, it is still in the pits …

What is the similarity between a Tesla Roadster and a Formula 1 car? You can hear them both not arrive in the pit lane.

Yesterday the FIA published the technical regulations for Formula 1 in 2014. We knew that with 1.6 liters, V6’en great racing will be (a compromise between the wishes of Jean Todt, Bernie Ecclestone and the manufacturers), but is certain that hybrid technology will be applied – in the pits, the all-electric cars to drive:

5.19 Electric Mode:
The car must be run in electric mode (no ignition and no fuel supply to the engine) at all times.
When being driven in the pit lane.

It is so pleasant for the pit crews, who have all those nasty petrol fumes to no longer have to sniff, and their eardrums not expose to need to make the crackling noise of the racers. Obligation came the news on the track, which act.

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