Old of the week: Mercer Cobra Roadster (1965)

Mercer Cobra RoadsterThe famous auction of Pebble Beach each year allows us to rediscover forgotten models wrongly. This is the case with the Mercer Cobra Roadster single of 1965.

This weekend, in parallel with the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, RM Auctions will host its traditional auction in Monterey. Each year, the opportunity to discover or rediscover the exceptional models, more or less old. This issue should not depart from the rule since, as we told you about these days, already waiting for the presence of real jewelry like a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 1957, a Mercedes 190 SL from 1959 that belonged to singer Sheryl Crow, or a Siata 208 S Spyder, 1953, formerly owned by actor Steve McQueen. And among these gems, do not forget the Mercer Cobra Roadster.

Sometimes wrongly forgotten, the sport is, in fact, a unique model created in 1965. Not by Mercer, the American manufacturer who disappeared in 1925, but by a man: Virgil Exner. The latter, at the time designer for Chrysler and father of the Stutz Blackhawk, has indeed taken up the torch to imagine this unique model based on a Cobra roadster, hence the name of the machine which was added “Mercer” in homage to the famous Raceabout Constructor’s pre-war.

Assembly by Carrozzeria-Basano Sibon, the Mercer Cobra Roadster CSX2451 chassis number of benefits from a 298 horsepower V8. The block is mated to a four-speed, while discbrakes copper alloy were installed to all four wheels.

The car is made ​​up of 11 different materials for the interior and exterior (including copper, brass and black leather upholstery). At the time, the model producedmoreover around the world for the promotion of these materials. Level design, finally, we can see that the white roadster was not aged with its flowing lines, its long hood, the headlights mounted on a pivot or a curved Plexiglas windshield.

All these details make this Mercer Cobra Roadster a unique model in more ways than one. Auction Aug. 20 at Pebble Beach, it should also be purchased for a tidy sum, between 560,000 and 840,000 euros.Mercer Cobra Roadster

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