Old of the week: Porsche 928 (1977 – 1995)

Porsche 928Alternative to the 911, the Porsche 928 has become legendary throughout his 28 year career thanks to a design a highly innovative and exceptional handling.

When the side of Porsche, the 928 is mentioned, it leaves no one indifferent. So, inevitably, the latest rumors about a possible return to a model walks 2014-2015 (on the basis of the second generation of the Panamera) plot as many. And, above all, they make you want to dive back into the archives, if necessary to rediscover the legendary 328 original.

The idea of ​​328 is born from the will of the leaders of the early 1970s not to remain focused solely on 911, then built one model. They believe that architecture is at odds will be back quickly exceeded. In this regard, given the history of the 911 with the new generation is expected at the IAA in September, we can not say they had the hollow face. We’re not going to complain, however, since this reasoning led to the 928, a nice alternative to the famous 911.

From 1971, the project is launched. The design was entrusted to Anatole Lapine giving the machine a modern and fascinating. The architecture chosen is that of a front-engine water-cooled gearbox and rear connected by high speed shaft. The engineers are also developing the first axle rear crumple called “Weissach”, named after the Porsche research center. And, ultimately, the great strength of 928, it will be incredibly efficient frame for his compromise balance / mobility.

Under the hood, not as flat-6 for 911, but a V8. The latter is powered by a mechanical injection of K-Jetronic, but has a capacity limited to 4499 cc and power not exceeding 240 horsepower. For aficionados of the brand, it’s a big black spot over her rival. Still, this version has a consumption of about 15 liters per 100 km.

After six years of development, the Porsche 928 (whose back is shown here) is officially presented in Paris in late 1977. In the process, she was elected “Car of the Year 1978”, a first for a GT. Logical, given the successful design and very complete equipment of the model. There were only the engine to improve …

This work was done in subsequent years. The 928 has indeed received several modifications over time. Seven in total. The evolution began with the 928 S (1979-1983), with an increase in capacity and power increased to 300 horsepower. She continued with the 928 S2 (1984-1986) which is passed to the electronic injection, followed by the 928 S3 (1985-1986), first version with double shaft and four valves per cylinder.

It was sort of the first period of the 928. The second began in 1986 with the 928 S4 (pictured in profile), which benefits from a new style and a 5.0-liter V8 reviewed by adopting a two-stage intake (1986-1991). A special series “Club-Sport” will then be produced in 19 copies. This is a lightweight S4, still developing 320 horsepower, but with a manual transmission to the bridge shorter. The latest developments are the 928 GT (shown here in white face and, from 1989 to 1991, with sharper camshafts and 330 horsepower engine – pictured here) and finally the GTS (1992 – 1995, flared fenders and V8 5.4-liter, 350 horsepower pictured).

Produced from 1977 to 1995, the Porsche 928 has finally found its audience despite internal competition of the 911. I must say that, for its style and handling, it is one of the largest GT history. Especially from the S4 versions when the engine started at the height of the rest. And 34 years after the launch of the 328, you will not find anyone to protest against plans to revive the Porsche model.Porsche 928

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