Opel Astra gets a kietelbeurt from Irmscher

Opel Astra GTC IrmscherThe hip brother the Astra is just , but the technicians at Irmscher Opel Horny have already hatchbackje gefriemeld the three-door. Just for anyone who does not feel like waiting for them with an Opel OPC version is.

Asra GTC is the lower, wider (in terms of wheelbase) and sharper than the regular five-door Astra. You know, the car Wouter sometimes thinks back fondly on his sleep. However, the most potent engine that Vauxhall has announced so far is the 1.6 Turbo with 180 hp. And let’s just say there Irmscher not content with taking. They, therefore, have a ready package that increases power to 212 hp and 274 Nm of torque at the convenience. This thanks to a different exhaust system.
Opel Astra GTC IrmscherThe look obviously does not leave them alone. The front bumper is adorned with a spoiler lip. Rear diffuser will be a measure, which also can serve as a bike carrier and the German is 3 inches closer to the asphalt put through a verlaginssetje. It does it well, especially when combined with the 21-inch  wheels in this photo with rubber is 245 mm wide. Furthermore, they fit other sports seats and hold them to a large extent the interior with leather.

Even on this car is already salivating faster than you think. At the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Opel glorified in just over one month publicized world. Prices and the like are not yet known.Opel Astra GTC Irmscher

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