Opel invests 190 million in “Junior”, is in 2013

Opel Trixx Concept 2004Tiny auto’tjes are hot. Their market share is growing rapidly because they are environmentally friendly and practical in the city. The only manufacturer who actually, no car in the A segment, but this is supposed to have is Vauxhall. Late, 2009 concretised plan for the ‘Junior’, and now it’s finally clear where and when the car tire is rolling.

The new model off the ground Opel invests 190 million euros in the Junior, who later another. Final name will be given (the Alfa MiTo was the production stage through life as a junior). Early 2013, he was on the market, as reported to the Opel management along today. It additionally stops Thuringia Opel also 15.5 million increase. It is envisaged that the Junior Eisenach be built. In this factory, with 1,600 employees and in 1990, roles currently about 140,000 annually Corsa of the band.

Annually, about 100,000 Juniors must be produced, and it is intended that an electronic version of come. Logical, because the Ampera Opel has all the necessary know-how in electro-house.

Once the junior market, GM has finally appeared a car in the A-segment sales. He may then take on include the Ford Ka, VW Up, Toyota iQ, Lancia Ypsilon, Fiat 500 and of course, the 107/C1/Aygo ‘s. We are curious what kind of beauty Opel comes up to this competition to face. Until more comes out we should do the same with the cheeky 2004 Trixx concept from which the above illustration.Opel Trixx Concept 2004

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