P4 / 5 Competizione gets an upgrade

Ferrari P4-5 Competizione

Donders many articles we have written about the P4 / 5 Competizione,  the Ferrari toy movie vouchers and multi-millionaire James Glickenhaus. That was in the lead-up to 24 hours of Nurburgring.  These are long and wide behind, and so it was time to Glickenhaus in his Ferrari even more money-pumping project.

Many details are not known, but we do have pictures of the carbon-hung custom racer based on a 430 Scuderia GT2 with a block.

They come in the development straight from CAD mathematics. They are not renderings.

It is intended that the modifications to the engine more air comes, and the down force and cornering stability should increase. The dark-color carbon black remains. Sample for which race they want to get back to the barn is still out. Stay tuned.
(Via Luxury 4 Play)

Ferrari P4-5 Competizione

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