Pagani Huayra: the United States refuse registration

Pagani HuayraThe United States come to deny the marketing in its territory of the Pagani Huayra. The reason cited: the lack of airbag. A blow to the Italian manufacturer.

Presented last March at the Geneva Motor Show, the Pagani is a supercar Huayra ultra-exclusive 700-horsepower whose production should not exceed 22 units a year. In the projects of the Italian manufacturer, a lot of those copies (between 10 and 15) were to be sold in the United States. It was in all cases the goal of Horacio Pagani, the owner of the eponymous brand.

This will unfortunately have to change his plans because the DOT (Department of Transportation), the American service charge to endorse the new models, just refuse to approve the Huayra.

The reason? The lack of airbag, mainly, but also the lack of crash-test performed.

A big blow for Pagani hoping to take advantage of an exemption as it had been granted to some manufacturers in the past. It was not the case this time. Horacio Pagani has appealed, but the verdict is unlikely to change. To be marketed in the U.S. (unlike the Zonda, its predecessor), the Pagani Huayra will therefore have to be changed.

Problem: make crash test and install an airbag cost too much, according to the owner of the trademark. These investments would jeopardize the future of the manufacturer. However, they cannot sell the Huayra United States would have the same consequences. Pagani an impasse seems unthinkable just a few weeks. Unless the DOT is more conciliatory during the call, but we certainly.Pagani Huayra

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