Pagani Zonda R with functional film

Pagani Zonda RToday provides just about every owner of a “special” four-wheeler car wrap with a layer of foil,  but of course not really necessary. They do it purely for the show. How different is that in this case? Because what we see here is a brand-new  Pagani Zonda R . Which is also equipped with the necessary film, but it is only (temporarily) to protect the bare carbon fiber.

As the lucky new owner car has not yet accepted it is so neat that she was from Pagani Zonda R until then just have provided a protective layer. It would be a bit sour when a new scratch or damage your car in before you can do it yourself.
And as a bonus we see behind the Zonda R is also one of the test versions of the recently unveiled Huayra standing with its doors open. It’s funny to compare how different the doors of the Huayra compared to that of the Zonda R.

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