Patent Pictures Audi RS5 cabrio diving

Audi RS5 Cabrio

Is it real? Audi is working on a convertible that is so fast that your gayness a snap away from you shaking? If we look at the drawings it seems that way.

Until now, the hottest Audi cabrio an S5.  Matter of fact, our mooiboy’s him right now and seems to be the driving factor of 20 at home have left. A result: a slightly charred peach skin. But we are not talking about Wouter. We are talking about a very hot open RS5. Are we still a V8 gets the A5 cabrio, and thus the spiritual successor of the RS4 cabrio?

As shown in the drawings, this is the facelifted model, which immediately makes a lot more believable that we are dealing with the real work to do. Furthermore, the watermarking clear to us that these cars come from the coop colleague’s Cars Coop.  How appropriate.

As we mentally prepare for a 450-hp Audi convertible, and Wouter is allowed to prepare for yet another ride in an Audi (not it a bit annoying now, but take a cap gain against sunburn huh?) We are eagerly looking for more info.  Once the surface you will hear it first.

Audi RS5 Cabrio

[Image: autoblog]

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