Peugeot 206 CC, ‘nimble’ convertible

Peugeot 206 CCNo thoroughbred convertible but a coupe with steel klapdak, so you’d best to describe the CC. Peugeot took this formula as the first in the B segment, resulting in the 206 CC. One success was born, and many manufacturers followed.

It all began in 1998, at the Geneva Motor Show Peugeot introduced the 20 (middle) concept , the forerunner of the 206 CC. About the name was well thought, pronounced in French “Vingt coeur”, which in turn sounds a lot like “vainqeur ‘, or’ winner ‘. Although 20 (center) was well received, it took three years before the concept went into production.

The main advantage of the 206 CC was that he actually launched his side are not direct competitors to tolerate it. The Opel Astra Convertible was a size larger, heavier and more expensive, and it took until 2004 for the Opel Tigra Twintop came. The Ford StreetKa came in 2003, and it was initially the top model was introduced, so he is not only smaller but also more expensive than the 206 CC was. The Mazda MX-5 was actually still the closest, but this was a thoroughbred convertibles and much more a driver’s car (RWD, lighter, puristischer, and more expensive) than the Peugeot, which is mainly the womenfolk did well.

When it appeared that the 206 CC was the competition kicked awake: Tigra Twintop aforementioned StreetKa and followed a similar path, and the playful Micra C + C was from a 2005 bid for the favor of women (hairdressers). The little Frenchman was now selling well, and was followed in the shape of the 206 + and 207 (CC).

A real driver’s car was not: the heavy roof caused too much weight on top at the expense of the steering. Fortunately for Peugeot served the bulk of the buying public as well not (the MILF is indeed never mean out of town), and tapped the counter sales of the 206 CC good by. Already in March 2002 there were 100,000 CCs produced. A single tuner make bar is still there, but this seems an obvious gevalletje “barking up the wrong tree.Peugeot 206 CC

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