Peugeot 206 GTI – the cracks?

Peugeot 206 GTIThe GTI is the French tradition in the blood. The most peppery Peugeot 205 was an instant classic put down, still a loyal follower adored being. The success of the previous match was an almost impossible task for the 206 GTI. How he brought it on?
The last 205 GTI pulled 122 hp and 150 Nm from its 1.9 liter eight-valve four-cylinder. Today’s standards maybe not spectacular, but the bakkie was considering making only 860 kg. The low weight enabled him in just 8.5 seconds to tap the 100, and after some urging the needle crept above 200, the maximum speed was at 202 km / h to be exact.

The 206 GTI, in 1999 five years after the production stop of his predecessor took over the baton, did it with 100 cc more, the 2.0 16v 138 bhp and yielded up to 190 Nm. Note: This was a time when downsizing did not exist and could work quietly without supercharger. Despite weighing 1,025 kilograms won the 206 sprint 0-100 from his father, albeit narrowly, by 8.3 seconds. The maximum speed was 210 km / h marginally higher. With an average consumption of 7.7 liters / 100 km was marginally more economical than the 205, which averaged 8.1 liters peut burned.
Peugeot 206 GTI
Assuming that the 205 1.9 GTI was introduced in 1989, and in 10 years time, so apparently, little progress was possible, a bit embarrassing for the Peugeot engineers. The 205 GTI was probably a difficult feat, and the best in its class, but a strong show versloffen badge so that the French was allowed to be charged.

One year after the launch of the Peugeot 206 GTI was, therefore, the 206 RC (which in some markets as GTI 180 came out), what the new name for the topmotorisering was.
Peugeot 206 GTI
The same engine was now 177 hp drawn (@ 7,000 rpm), but its larger mass, the 206 never seen such a frivolous smijtijzertje as its predecessor. Moreover, the 206 RC coolly drank half a liter per 100 km more than the 205 GTI. Not that fans of the 205 cared, who had already switched to the 106 GTI, which is actually right with the spiritual successor to the 205 GTI can be called.
For the aftermarket, guys was definitely more extreme of the GTI to make it like 206 GTI Turbo with 300 + horsepower, but that’s smuggling. Joe Average does not just screw a turbo on his (semi-) hot hatch. I posit here the explanation that the 205 GTI hot hatch of the last successful Peugeot 20x series was, because the 207 could not break pots with tougher competition around.Peugeot 206 GTI

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