Pontiac Deluxe Six transparent: the ghost car auctioned

Pontiac Deluxe Six transparentSingle copy in the world, Pontiac Deluxe Six transparent 1939 have been auctioned in the United States. The price: 217,000 euros.

More than 70 years after its submission to the World’s Fair New York (1939), it continues to surprise. It is the Pontiac Deluxe Six transparent. A ghost car amazing, specially created at the time for the event. The engineers at General motor , owner of Pontiac, thought perhaps this unique model stand with the future of the automobile. More importantly, the manufacturer wanted to mark the occasion for the opening of the exhibition.

GM has partnered with the company Rohm & Haas, the inventor of Plexiglas. After several months of work, Pontiac Deluxe Six is ​​transparent from the factory on time and did not fail to impress your guests in New York. It never restored (hence some slight damage to the body) and with only 160 km on the clock, the Pontiac belonged since 1980 to the same family. However, it has this year decided to part ways and to auction.

A mission conducted a few days ago in Michigan (USA) by RM Auctions. Single copy in the world, Pontiac Deluxe Six transparent was eventually bought 308,000 dollars, 217,000 euros. Not bad, although it is far from the record held by a Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic recently sold in California to 21 million euros.Pontiac Deluxe Six transparent

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