Porsche GT3 R MRS, matblauw for your race car

Porsche GT3 R MRSIf anything it is difficult to stand, then it’s on the track. There, the Porsche might have little difficulty again.

Beneath a Porsche GT3 R . Outside of a GT3 R, but with an original color. Specifications? A six-cylinder boxer 4.0 course, good for 480HP in this racer. Yes, that’s less thumping than the fastest RS on the street. Has something to do with certifications.

In terms of grip and roadholding, the race is not inferior to the GT3 Strasse version .

Meeracen does this Porsche this weekend at the ADAC GT Masters at the Red Bull Ring. If the race results are disappointing then they pull it off again just wrapje. Nobody recognizes them. That Fender around it’s all real. When will the street finally make a comeback?Porsche GT3 R MRS

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