Porsche: the merger with Volkswagen becomes clearer

PorschePorsche has just reaffirmed its desire to merge with Volkswagen . A merger that is expected to close later this year or, at worst, in 2012.

Last Friday, at the general meeting of the group in Stuttgart, Porsche has again expressed its willingness to merge with the auto giant Volkswagen. “Our common goal is, and remains, the merger” , confirmed Martin Winterkorn (pictured ), patron of both Porsche SE (the holding company that controls the brand) and the Volkswagen group.

Porsche VW thought acquire this fall by increasing its share from 49.9% to 50.1% into its tenth brand. But the merger may be delayed due to current investigations of two former Porsche suspected of price manipulation. Some analysts expect so instead of 2012.

Remember, in 2008, Porsche had tried to seize Volkswagen. The builder even had a huge debt incurred to achieve, but ultimately, the situation had turned in favor of Volkswagen. After a recapitalization of 4.9 billion in April and excellent sales figures for eight months, Porsche’s finances are finally again become healthier with a debt fell to 1.5 billion euros. This return to form was also one of the conditions imposed by VW for the merger.

It is effective at the end of the year or in 2012, this union of the two groups is expected to achieve synergies that can reach 700 million euros a year.

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