Pretty yellow Ferrari 458 Italia Milano DMC

Ferrari 458 Italia Milano DMC

SEMA 2011, the party breeders in the U.S., is visited by the Germans from DMC. And they take a 458 Italia reared them.

You have probably noticed, the national tuning show America is again at the door and crack on November 1 release. Chevrolet has been there with sinister Camaros and Corvette, Toyota iQ is showing three tuned and Mazda brings a MX-5 Spyder them, just a small selection of canned food to mention. Toko’s and DMC is also present for the occasion and they have a 458 Italia through the mill so mangle and some extra horsepower squeezed.

To begin with the subtly altered appearance: at the front of the wings in the front bumper are made of carbon fiber. The same goes for the side skirts, side mirrors and the diffuser in the rear. The alloy is little in the front 21 inches (255/30-banden), and at the rear 22 inches (335/25-banden) wide.

The new rubber can then be burned by the refreshing power increase in this yellow rascal. Not that the 458 requires that certain well with standard 570 hp (redline@9.000 RPM), but a new exhaust roar (19 kg lighter) that the power to 610 hp and 569 Nm of torque direction of the kick is a nice option.

The Vmax was it at 330 km / h to a halt, a plus of 5 km / h. DMC also mentions it as very clear in that there is a very good heat shield is installed, because we know what can happen to 458’jes that have heat shields have failed.

Ferrari 458 Italia Milano DMC

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