Production Start Saab is a further setback

SaabNo shit, Sherlock.

The Saab employees appear for at least a week’s vacation may take longer. Saab detective Robbie tumbled in the Swedish media that report on: August 9, instead of shining it at the earliest15August 29 to be. Something with band supply or something.

Meanwhile, the suppliers seem closer look into Vladimir Antonov, the walking bag of rubles so jealously by the Swedish government and the Bank is held at bay. Not illogical, Antonov has recently been working on a shopping spree more than a golddigger with an unlimited credit card. How will this end? Tune tomorrow (or next week, we know a lot) back to part 84 of the Saab-soap!

UPDATE 15:00 – Saab Press Release
The truth is out at Saab! They are 100% definitely NOT start producing on August 9. When they begin to know or theythemselves do not …

Delivery shaft or all parts needed to secure a production start is not yet agreed to Will not resume production on January 9 as Intended and Will Be postponed until a full commitment on delivery plans can be secured.

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