Production Version Subaru XV comes to Frankfurt

Subaru Concept XVSubaru wants a bite of the Crossover cake and presents at the IAA the final version of the XV, which only months ago as a concept was in Shanghai.

The car blog undersigned editors have a hobby, the Japanese manufacturers have Europe have given and focus even more than before for their easier to operate and (much) more volume markets. Although I am still convinced the latter was the first I sometimes get the member on the nose: small cakes have been now supercharged  The Mazda CX-5 is coming, and Subaru is now (finally) with some news.

The model was in Shanghai was quite faithfully, there were no 28-inch rims, there was already an interior, and really lacked only one set of mirrors. Now we know why. All we know is that the concept further 4.4 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and 1.62 meters high and that 2.0 boxer lies. For some time, this engine is a diesel version,  which of course fits well into the future European sales picture of the XV. About a month, we will see what’s been refined.

Subaru has its press release that matters with a teaser, as it should. See here a larger version of it. By comparison, a little below a gallery of the concept.Subaru Concept XV

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