Project Kahn is doing with the Japanese and Miyagi Edition

Land RoverCongratulations Afzal Khan, this is the time you 1.899ste a new edition of a Land Rover or Range Rover ban.

On this version of the Range Rover Sport poses a Japanese flavor. And we’re not just talking about the unoriginal name of “Miyagi Edition” that this is pasted. No, this version is because Kahn was created to raise awareness for the victims of the earthquake in Japan . So if you’re all very very hard while Japan thinks it has already achieved his goal this SUV.

The car is in the color Blue Bali and put on the roof, bonnet and vents in the side screens found pieces of matte black wrap. Furthermore, this version features a 10-piece body kit, a stainless steel exhaust system from Cosworth and they also have here the very nice 22-inch RS Cosworth-wheels hung. Shame about the blue pinstripe on the rim, but they can probably omit the request.

The inside of the Miyagi Edition is packed with leather on the steering wheel and pooknop was pierced with silver stitching. You can AsoBak in both petrol and a diesel version in order Kahn.Land Rover

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