Pub on the Internet: the car spins its web

Pub InternetThe gross advertising investments on the internet in France have risen sharply in the first half of 2011. With, on the podium of the biggest investors, a third place for the automotive industry.

1.67 billion euros gross. This is the total advertising spend on the internet in France during the first half of 2011. Basically, French companies have spent this money in three forms: banners, videos and special operations (or “display”). For this specific market on the internet, this is an increase of 6.1%. It is certainly far from the outstanding figures of the early 2000s, but over the last few months, it is rather satisfactory.

Obviously, the internet is consolidated and becomes more and more a must for advertisers. Among them, there are of course representatives of the automotive sector. The investments of the latter in Internet advertising in France and increased in the first part of 2011. A significant increase that allows the car to take over third-place sectors investing the most on the net with a total of 165.4 million euros gross.

On the podium, there are the sector “financial institutions” to second place (184.5 million euros) and that of “culture and recreation” in the first place (195.6 million euros) . Maybe not for long will see more and more assertive of the car companies to advertise on the internet.

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