Reminder for summer Jaguar XF and XK

Jaguar XK Coupe 2010The Jaguar XF and XK are again the subject of a technique. After recalling the United States earlier this year on fuel supply, it is the turn of the steering assistance to be provided.

Involved, a lack of corrosion protection is singled out in a line of power steering fluid, found not in accordance with standards set by Jaguar, which can lead to a perforation, and loss of support even a fire in extreme cases. No problem with this defect has yet to be deplored, but Jaguar has identified this quack quality after endurance tests.

The problem, already covered by the NHTSA in North America, is now considered for European models. A total of 14 XF and XK 37 will be reminded at the workshop in France, produced between an August 2009 and March 2010, louse replace the item in question. The first customers were contacted in early June.Jaguar XK Coupe 2010

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