Renault Clio Gordini now also available as non-RS

Renault Clio Gordini LightFor if you have stripes, but do not want horsepower.

Call me a broken record, but Renault Gordini throws the badge properly grab. The brand has very good steering wheel drivers in the house, right at the top in their class, but they reserve the legendary Gordini badge now rather tame for their models. From a marketing perspective it will be interesting or something.

The Clio was there for a while Gordini trim, but only if Clio RS . Fortunately, at least one model that has the badge with his head could bear. The management did not fair for the less horsepower-hungry buyers Clio, because they have a blue color on their kek Renault can get. And so it happened: the badge is also available for the 1.6 16V (128 hp), and the 1.5 dCi (105 bhp). From September you can buy one!Renault Clio Gordini Light

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