Renault Frendzy is the minivan of the future

Renault Concept Frendzy

Not just a facelifted Clio (with vetcoole Gordini-stripes) decorates the Renault stand in Frankfurt, their latest electric minivan concept, the Frendzy, it says. One half is yellowyellow- the other half is completely dull gray. He has regular doors, and unusually shaped rear sliding doors. The interior is fully in a digital future.

For most cars, you know after seeing the press plates have enough, but these futuristic concepts. It is always good to do it for a moment in real life up to close.

Everything is in striking on this car, but the most striking is the lack of a center pillar, and the 37-inch screen on the outside. For the specs, you just go to our original article look.

During the design sessions, of course, led by Lauren’s van den Acker, took the blotter of LSD, I think a lot about, because it is a quiet spacey thing has become. The only thing about it is conventional, is that this car ride on standard tires. And it’s a French car, so they were involved in the Michelin compatriots. However, you can tell from the big letters on it.

Renault Concept Frendzy

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