Renault will produce a convertible based on dezir

RenaultRenault plans to produce a convertible car with a new concept but based on the dezir. The development of this new convertible Renault is part of the project should lead to the branch’s own Renault to become this way a brand in itself, a bit similar to what the M division of BMW.

The decision to focus on the Renault car convertibles based on the reputation it has achieved over the years, this brand, especially when it comes to compact cars and sports. The improvement of Renault is seen as a key future strategy for the automaker.Beatrice Foucher, Renault’s product manager, said that Renault has loyal fans and is already considered by some clients as an independent brand. This is something that Renault wants to gamble and develop the opportunity to explore the way there. It will continue working on the models derived from Renault Megane as well but also uniquely designed for Renault cars.

According to reports, at least initially, the range of the branch of the carmaker French sports convertibles and should include no more than two or three unique patterns. A decision to this effect has not been taken, but is considered by many is likely that the start of the new brand is carried out with a sports car convertible derivative nature of the prototype Renault dezir .

At present it is unknown whether the version to be designed from the Concepts is an electric car or not. Undoubtedly draw different elements of design prototypes , but for the moment there are more technical details.

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