Rimac Concept One is an electro beast with 1088 hp

Rimac One ConceptAt least, that the Croatian Automobile Company Rimac us believe. And what we always say when there is a concept car with fable being presented tastic specs? Exactly, first seen driving is believing.

This newcomer in the car world is planning at the IAA in Frankfurt the fabric-literally-in this case subtracting sports concept. It remains a little guessing how this design will caress the retinas, but the specifications do not lie. Rimac believes that the combustion-free supercar total 1,088 bhp and 3,800 Nm of torque on board.

Quite a lot yes, but it is not the sum of all four electric motors. Each wheel is an E-mounted engine, which can be separately controlled, a system that “All Wheel Torque Vectoring ‘call. Separately provide the e-blocks 340 horsepower, but all combined, the total balance is slightly less.

The One 2.8 concept must be whiz count to one hundred and is electronically limited (get it?) At 308 km / h. More details can be found in the web special is not unkind to the device Rimac Automobili.  And about a month we know whether this guy is a little can rival the Audi R8 E-tron’s of this world.Rimac One Concept

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