Road test: 410 hp strong BMW Kelleners 1M

BMW KS1-SYou can set the clock by: once a product is the BMW factory M-drive out, try tuners even better. Kelleners Sport was there early and we’ve already around the block with the KS1-S.

All BMW 35i versions are not easy to create high power boost, most tuners stick with modest power increases. Kelleners seems to have managed a more than significant increase in power to realize. Standard, the BMW Coupe 1M a no unkind 340 hp and 450 Nm. Motorsport Kelleners knows from the three-liter twin-turbo blocks over 20% extra urge to poke forward. The total capacity is at 410 horsepower, which the BMW M3 even more suddenly at the sight of 1M may appear. Especially since the giant pair of 1M also rises to 550 Nm, while the M3 remains at 420 Nm stabbing. Kelleners has ventured to performance figures yet, but given the sprint to 100 for the standard 1M is 4.9 seconds which is quite conservative. The Kelleners Sport KS1-S, the sprint can certainly count 4.5 done. Its power increases, the number of kilograms per hp from 4.4 to 3.8.

The reprogramming of the engine you have something to liver in driveability. For the 1M, it all seems not to make what speed and what gear selected, the block is always power. The KS1-S is slightly piekeriger, there should be a little more speed to the real strength to come out. Thus between 2500 and 3000 rpm causes a noticeable intensification of the gear and then feel the Kelleners 1M much more powerful than the standard car. It gives the 1M more character, you just need to work to the maximum speed out of it.

The extra power gets Kelleners Motorsport by adjusting the engine, it did not (yet) to be diverted to expensive modifications like replacing the turbos. Moreover, Kelleners also working on a kit with the capacity to rise towards the 450 horsepower, the M3 is so completely unnecessary, unless you like driving around with a V8 rumble. Since winning the M3 is still gloriously, the soundtrack of the 1M was also still a little bit tame. The Kelleners tailpipes (4 x 83mm wide) take care of a little more sound, but do not spontaneously hackles stand up.BMW KS1-S

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