Road test: Ampera – 0% aggregation

Ampera OpelNo addition or 0% aggregation, which is the attraction for the business drivers of the Ampera. There is much more to say about this truly innovative Opel.

he opposition Ampera Opel (General Motors or, if your sister model Chevrolet Volt count) really set the scene, it’s break-through technology. How seriously the Dutch government takes this car, proven by the fact that none other than Minister Maxime Verhagen At the end of the day came to an explanation about the tax law surrounding electric cars. Whether the Ampera really an electric car, you can also bring your comments to make.

The powertrain
In principle, the wheels of the Ampera always electrically powered, although at a high speed mode where the engine seems to be still directly contributes to the forward swing. Indeed, the Ampera has an electric and internal combustion engine on board, as with other hybrids. Even so since many of the agreements. The Ampera is an E-REV, which stands for Extended Range Electric Vehicle. The combustion engine on board as the primary task of the batteries to recharge when they run out. Just that if more than 80 km driving, because the Ampera can also be recharged from the mains.Ampera Opel

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