Romeo Ferraris Abarth 500 widebody 300hp

Romeo Ferraris Cinquone Stradale

In Italy it is “easy on you”, with 300hp at the wheels.
For this Romeo Ferraris Cinquone Stradale is a re-tuned, calm version of their track beast. The 360HP Cinquone. Not rear-wheel drive very hardcore.

Of course, the most extreme version of not just the road. The Stradale (what’s in a name) can do that. A real track day car so.

Give him a little salable to the Cinquone Stradale also delicious dressed with Alcantara, helmets and good racing seats. It will all that cost, but then you have a quick little Abarth.

The small curve tiger gets its power from the familiar 1.4 liters four-cylinder turbo with extra large. Now larger than the block itself? It weighs about 1000 pounds. Standard with 2 seats 4 but may also. Naturally equipped with a sturdy rollbar.

Romeo Ferraris Cinquone Stradale

[Image: autoblog]

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