Royal Blue Maserati with Super Power

DMC Blue Maserati GranturismoNo longer do you anonymously after driving Porsches. Slap a supercharger on it! bright blue and has 590 pages, this rubber peekaa guzzling Maserati Gran Turismo running battle with the Aston Martin V12 Vantage of this world.

The Italians themselves are unfortunately still not the idea. They kick it no more than a Gran Turismo S or MC Stradale.  With 450HP, a fabulous car but not as fast as some would wish. Therefore adds a supercharger to DMC for an extra 150hp. Add that to the capacity of a standard GranTurismo (440HP) and you’ll come to a total 590pk.

Besides the engine and chassis forget DMC also look not. New sport springs, wider wheels. The spoilers provide extra downforce. The holes in the hood give it some extra cooling. You can use your 7300 rpm and 472Nm at 590pk at 5400 rpm at least the bend.DMC Blue Maserati Granturismo

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