RSC Raptor GT: change in style and name

RSC Raptor GT

After sustained criticism for its project Raptor GT in 2010, the German company RSC decided to review the style of his model and give it a new name: Predator GT.

Remember, it was late last year. At the time, a company based in Germany under the name of Rotary Super Cars (RSC) presented a project car. His name? The Raptor GT. It has finally got a relatively short life. Since its introduction, the project had indeed caused an avalanche of criticism alleging that the model be copied and pasted from the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

As a result, the leaders of RSC is back to work on and off almost from scratch.Six months later, here is the Raptor GT back. Finally, if you will, because the new project presented by RSC has very little to do with the design proposed in late 2010. Already, his name has changed. Now we must speak of Predator GT. Then, as you can see, the style is very different, closer this time a Lamborghini .

Different variants are planned (Predator GT-S, GT-RS Predator, Predator and Predator RSR GT-GT Clubsport) with capacities ranging from 500 horsepower for the base model 1200 hp for the GT-RSR, the GT is Clubsport a priori a racing version reserved for the track.

The supercar will have a four-rotor with a displacement of 2.6 liter which suggests that it would take over the two engines of a twin-rotor, 3 liters of the Mazda RX8. Through the use of carbon fiber, this model should weigh around 1100 kg, allowing it to move from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds.All that remains hypothetical, however, as RSC does not prototype completed.

Given the delay for a year, it is doubtful that the scheduled launch of the Predator GT (announced for 2012) is respected.

RSC Raptor GT


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